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Why Yoga for Childcares/ kindergartens


Want to get your kids involved in an activity that is not only good for keeping us fit and healthy but also helps with our ability to keep calm, improve concentration and stay with the present? KIDS Yoga is your answer.

With more and more research showing the benefits of Yoga, connecting our mind, body and breath, it’s no wonder  KIDS Yoga is on the up and up even now in Kindergartens.

Come and join in on the fun.

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Mini Monstars Yoga 

Our yoga program is designed to introduce children aged 2-5 to yoga in a fun, interactive and educational way.

Our classes are themed and can be a weekly theme or a theme that may last 2-3 weeks. Themes such as: Spring and Kindness, Windy Day, Animals Etc.

Classes include, breathing exercise games, introduction to yoga poses, imaginative play, yoga poses through storybooks and storytelling and more.

Here is how we would structure the classes for the rooms.

Toddlers - 20mins 

Pre kinders and kinders - 30mins

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