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Where Imagination Meets Mindfulness

At Mini Monstars, we're thrilled to introduce our Kids Yoga Program, a delightful blend of movement, imagination, and mindfulness designed specifically for young minds. Our program is carefully crafted to provide children with a holistic experience that nurtures their physical and emotional well-being while having a whole lot of fun!

Nurturing Young Minds:

Our Kids Yoga Program goes beyond traditional yoga practice. We've infused each session with creativity and age-appropriate activities to captivate your child's imagination. Through gentle stretches, playful poses, and interactive storytelling, children embark on exciting journeys that transport them to magical lands, all while learning the fundamentals of mindfulness.

Mindful Movement for All Ages:

Whether its the toddler, Pre Kionder or Kinder age group, our Kids Yoga Program is tailored to suit. Our experienced instructors guide each session with a perfect balance of movement, relaxation, and games. We understand that each child's developmental stage is unique, so we've designed the program to cater to their needs, ensuring they feel comfortable and engaged throughout the session.

Building Confidence and Resilience:

Our Kids Yoga Program is more than just physical movement. It's about helping your child develop essential life skills. Through yoga poses and breathing exercises, children learn to channel their energy, manage stress, and build inner strength. These tools empower them to face challenges with confidence, fostering resilience that will serve them well in all aspects of life.


Creating Lasting Connections:

Our program isn't just about yoga; it's about building a sense of community. Children bond with their peers in a supportive and inclusive environment. They learn the value of teamwork and cooperation through partner poses and group activities, fostering social skills that extend beyond the yoga mat.

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Aligning with Mindful Learning:

Our Kids Yoga Program seamlessly aligns with the principles of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). We understand that young children learn best through active and engaging experiences. With EYLF principles as our guide, our program encourages active learning, effective communication, and the development of a positive self-identity.

At Mini Monstars, we're committed to providing a holistic approach to child development. Our Kids Yoga Program is designed to nurture your child's physical health, emotional well-being, and social skills while igniting their imagination. Join us on this exciting journey where mindfulness and movement come together, empowering your child to blossom into a confident, resilient, and harmonious individual.

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