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Mini Monstars (Music) is a music based programs for children aged 1-6. Our Music program incorporates fun decision-making games, playing instruments, singing, dancing and musical based games that allow the children to use imagination and creativity.

All classes are run for 30 minutes.
Learn, Laugh and Smile whilst participating in:


     - Social Conventions
     - Body Percussion
     - Finger Play
     - Memory Songs
     - Rhythm Instruments
     - Melody and Harmony Instruments 
     - Drama and Movement
     - Games and Dances
     - Music Appreciation
     - Story Songs





These programs can run accordingly with what the Child Care/Kindergarten

Mini Monstars (Music) is like no other program you’ve experience. Our basic set up of every session separates us from other kindergarten programs. The children will get to use and develop skills on the following Instruments:





    - Maracas                                                                                            - Rhythm Sticks

    - Clapper                                                                                             - Triangle

    - Tamborine                                                                                          - Chime Bars

    - Hand Drum                                                                                         - Plus many more!


Mini Monstars believes there needs to be more emphasis on the children’s musical development.
Research has shown that focusing on the children’s musical development can also have benefits in their emotional and academic development as well.

Participation in group activities enables children to develop greater levels of confidence and encourages greater effort in all areas of the kindergarten and school curriculum.

Children who possess fundamental musical skills enjoy better rhythm, coordination, group interaction, greater body awareness, stronger intellectual skills, and a more positive self-image.

​Mini Monstars (Music) aims to assist the current education system by increasing children’s self-esteem, health, physical development and the willingness to interact with others and make new friends while singing, dancing and having a fantastic time.

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