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For daycare and studio photography bookings please contact:



With many years of experience, Mini Monstars understands the hard work that the centre’s staff puts in on a daily basis. This is why we do not charge the centre for our photographer’s time and provide complimentary:

Staff photographs

Coffee book

Photographs for staff with children at your centre

Mini Monstars music class


To get the ball rolling we will liaise with the childcare/kindergarten to find a suitable week that suits both childcare and parents. We will provide a poster to the centre weeks prior to the shoot so that parents are fully aware when the photos are taking place. This poster will also contain a special code that parents will use to find their children’s photos later on. (We will also provide cards for parents to take home). These codes are secure and unique to each individual daycare centre. We aim at making this process as easy as possible for the staff as we understand how much work they have on their plate already! All we require is some basic information about the children such as name and what days they attend the childcare/kindergarten so we can assure we do not miss anyone.

Photo time:

We at Mini Monstars recognise that mornings up until lunch/ nap time is when the children are most energetic and excited. Our intent is to get the most natural photographs possible. As a special bonus to your centre, we will run a Mini Monstars music program at the start of the day so that the children can build a relationship with our staff and start the day off with a lot of excitement and movement.

We will take 7 or more photos of each child in a number of locations around the centre doing a variety of activities. (Playground, music, sport etc.). Photos will be predominately individual photos but can also involve groups, siblings and friends if needed.


After these finalised photographs have been edited we will send out emails to the parents letting them know that the photographs are ready and the unique code Is ready to use to view and purchase the children’s photographs. After your purchase, digital photos will be emailed right away and photo prints and items will be processed and delivered to the centre as soon as possible.

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