Mini Monstars App


Mini Monstars App


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About The App

For children Ages 18months - 6yo

Sports - Motor Skill development for kids

Music - Motor Skill development for kids

Yoga - Motor Skill development for kids 


Developed in close cooperation with coaches with more then10years experience. 

The app features sports, music and yoga videos designed to engage and progress your children’s gross motor skills. The videos start with the basic skill fundamentals of each chosen field, for example: (sports - cricket - bowling) (music - shaker - beats) (yoga - poses - downward dog). As you see your child develop, progress and improve that specific skill, the videos and skills/progressions become increasingly harder to continue to challenge and progress the children in that specific skill fundamental. 


To continue to challenge and engage the children, virtual 30-35minute incursions mixed with sports/music/exercise also come with the app. This can be a great help if it is raining outside as the kids can perform these incursions inside.


Aswell as this the app features fun and entertainment for the kids with Music Videos, Fun Learning videos - such as how to play AFL Footy or How to play Soccer. Adventures of Mikey a Monstar and much much more. 


With new videos added regularly the kids will never get bored of this app as the games will continue to challenge and progress the kids skills.