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Kick Off the Fun: How Kindergarten Teachers Can Run Their Own Exciting Sports Program

As a kindergarten teacher or childcare worker, you may be interested in implementing and running your own sports incursion for your children. This can be a difficult thing to set up if you don't know where to start. In todays blog we will be giving some helpful tips to ensure that your sports program runs smoothly and efficiently, is well-planned and executed to provide maximum benefit to the children.

1. Have Enough Sporting Equipment

One of the most critical aspects of running a successful sports program is having enough equipment. If you are playing basketball, for example, make sure that you have enough basketballs for all the children. If you have 18 kids, you will need 18 balls to ensure that everyone can participate without having to wait too long for their turn. Ensure that you have all the necessary equipment before starting the program to avoid any unnecessary delays or frustrations.

2. Minimise Waiting Time

Children have short attention spans, and they may lose interest if they are made to wait for too long. I can't tell you how many times I have seen sports sessions being run where the children are lined up with 20kids in front of them. Therefore, it is essential to minimise the waiting time as much as possible. Avoid using too many lines in the game and ensure that each child has a role to play, so they remain engaged throughout the session. You can also modify the games to ensure that they are fast-paced and keep the children engaged.

3. Find a Suitable Space

To run a successful sports program, you need to have a suitable space to play in. Ensure that the space is big enough for the children to run around and play without getting hurt. If you are playing soccer, basketball or football, ensure that you have a large enough area to accommodate the game. Adequate space will ensure that the children have enough room to move around and enjoy the game without any limitations.

4. Have a Structured Program

It is essential to have a structured program in mind before starting the sports program. Having a well-planned program will help to keep the children engaged and provide a sense of direction for the session. However, it is also essential to be flexible and make changes to the program when necessary. Be prepared to modify the games if they are too easy or too challenging for the children, depending on their skill level.

In conclusion, running a successful sports program for kindergarten and childcare children requires proper planning and execution.By following the above tips - enough sporting equipment, minimising waiting time, finding a suitable and safe space and having a structured program in mind but being flexible in how it is delivered, you can create a fun and engaging sports program that the children will enjoy and benefit from.

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